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"The work you do internally lasts eternally."
Kianna broadway

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Hello love, thank you for being here alongside me at this time! My name is Kianna Broadway, I offer intuitive spiritual guidance received through Spirit. I’m DEEPLY passionate about healing the inner world in order to experience the Hearts Truth & Birthright into physical existence. So I assist in the recovery of your mind, body, soul connection for the Liberation of your True Power. My work aims to assist you in the untangling of your energetic systems, to open the space to create & flow freely inside this Earthly experience.

In doing so, I support you through the alchemical process of what no longer is serving you to be released, holding sacred space for the reemergence & integration of your Divinity in Christ. With a strong relationship to the Angelic realms, their assistance advises my  gifts/abilities throughout all sessions. Gently guiding you back home to the Eternal Love available to you.

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