My Offerings

Below are the many topics that I can assist you with best throughout each session & monthly mentorship.  With the ability to receive clear insight guided by Spirit, on how to liberate from certain lessons OR cycles throughout the Individual & Collective spiritual journey, I am able to assist you in the transformational process of life into the Art of Well-Being.


Reparenting & Inner Child Work


Balancing Yin & Yang


Shifting Mindset & Outdated Beliefs


Reprogramming Subconscious Mind


Establishing Healthy Habits & Boundaries


Communicating through Self-Love


Shadow Integration & Alchemy


Goal Setting/Accountability


Emotional Support System


Deeper into the services

        Sharing how to rebirth order from chaos within & without; I teach you how to fortify an inner sanctuary to do so


One Month Mentorship

A Journey with Spirit back home to yourself. This is a real dive into the depths of your own soul, to rediscover authentic POWER within the eye of Unconditional Love that is Source Creation. It is a mentorship that ignites the re-connection to the Divinity Trinity of Union between Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and the Inner Child cohesively, revealing how they function as a whole unique unit that makes up “you”. We will be disrupting old patterning systems, behaviors, beliefs/limitations with the true essence of what keeps you alive & expresses itself as polarity vs. duality. While receiving insightful practicality within the forefront of your spiritual walk, this program teaches you how to re-establish harmonic balance into your blueprint & energetic configuration. Dismantling all that resides in the illusion of separation & reawakening to the heart’s interconnected Life Force Energy to the inevitable Oneness with God.

4 Week Program

1:1 Intuitive Soul Guidance

This is a safe container to dive deep into your heart centre. To feel–>To heal in your souls process. Here i hold sacred space for you, supporting you mentally & emotionally with clear guidance, direction, & focus. We will concentrate on a specific area(s) you are ready to address & how they’ve been manifesting themselves in your current life experiences. In order to bring forth restoration through your innate Power, we will trace back to the core root of Truth inside your Inner Most Being to identify the resolutions that provide miraculous clarity, balance, & peace.

60 Min. Call

Master Class

A deep dive into spiritual evolution and how to step into your Dharma by learning to live courageously through the Heart space.

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